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Sara J., Beta Phi

Major: Asian Studies/Japanese and Global Studies

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: Sara loves to cosplay!

I wanted to join a sorority that would help me grow while never losing sight of who I am. I've found that and more within the sisterhood of Alpha Epsilon Phi


Laura A., Beta Phi

Major: Biology

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: Laura used to practice trapeze arts!


"I love being in Alpha Epsilon Phi because I get to be a part of a diverse sisterhood."



Alexis, Beta Phi

Major: Nutrition

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: Alexis collects Troll dolls!

"AEPhi has so many strong women who deeply care about their sisters and trust one another. I truly am blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. "


Kat, Beta Phi

Major: Secondary Education

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Phun Phact: Kat can ride a unicycle!

"I'm so glad I joined AEPhi because I've developed lifelong friendships with each of my sisters."


Lily R., Beta Phi

Major: Social Work

Class Standing:  Senior

Phun Phact: Lily loves Musical Theatre! 

"I'm glad I joined Aephi because I can feel the love and support radiating off of these ladies. The sisterhood is alive within each of our hearts and I've gotten a sisterhood that's more than I could ever ask for from Alpha Epsilon Phi. I've come to truly appreciate all that these ladies give me. Aephi is where I found not only my sisters, but my home."


Maddie T., Beta Phi

Major: Urban Studies

Class Standing:   Senior

Phun Phact: Maddie is in Civil Air Patrol!

"I love Alpha Epsilon Phi because my sisters are individually strong, empowered women, and together we empower each other!"

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Alysa Khater, Beta Chi

Major: Journalism

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact:  I can say the phrase "I don't know in 5 different languages"

I was a huge theatre junkie in high school. We considered ourselves to be a family and a lot of my theatre life reflects what AEPhi is. When I got to college, I was definitely looking for that same family sense. I wanted to go through recruitment my first semester and actually meet an AEPhi sister who gave me all the info I needed. It was something my mom and I discussed and she and I decided to wait until my second year to go through. I actually meet a bunch of greek lifers my second semester and realized this is what I wanted to do. When I went through formal recruitment, AEPhi had the same core values I was seeking. Strong sisterhood. This reflected my family atmosphere in theatre, and I truly fell in love with what we were founded on. Jewish women were not allowed to be in sororities back when we were founded. As a Muslim, and someone who was bullied a lot, that really spoke to me. If you can't be accepted by others for small differences, then create something that will accept you. That is one of the main reasons I love AEPhi and I'm already so proud of the experiences I've gained and the people I've meet through it. I can't wait for more of those experiences and to continue and build on the strong sisterhood that we already have. It was AEPhi from day one and I'm glad I found my home so early.

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Phalia Ukavwe, Beta Chi

Major: Psychology

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact:  Phalia use to draw self portraits

"To be apart of the sisterhood"


Sam, Beta Phi

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: Sam is afraid of Bananas!

"I love AEPhi because this is where I feel most comfortable. The sisterhood is amazing and I feel that I can truly be myself around these girls. AEPhi means being there for sisters no matter what. It means that you will stop whatever you are doing to be a good friend and be a sister."

E2694925-891C-4404-A32D-F50675EF7841 - Lauren Moraco.jpeg

Lauren, Beta Chi

Major: Finance

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: I’ve studied abroad in Brazil

"I wanted to make more friends and get more involved on campus"


Faith, Beta Chi


Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: I love oil painting!

"I joined AEPhi for the two main reasons: sisterhood and service. It is amazing to see so many of my sisters join together for a common goal. When we do service we are not only help out a good cause but also growing as sisters!"

EB3D9F78-A1DC-4617-96F0-A767A989EB24 - Paige Stabler.jpeg

Paige, Beta Psi

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: I love the band ABBA

"My sisters have instilled confidence in me and have accepted me with open arms."