20170603_203620 - Sara Justice.jpg

Sara J., Beta Phi

Major: Asian Studies/Japanese and Global Studies

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: Sara loves to cosplay!

I wanted to join a sorority that would help me grow while never losing sight of who I am. I've found that and more within the sisterhood of Alpha Epsilon Phi


Julie R., Beta Tau

Major: Graphic Design

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: Julie loves to travel!

"I love AEPhi because of the sisterhood. Our chapter contains some of the most caring, compassionate, and exemplary women. Joining this chapter gave me sisters who will always be there during that hardest and greatest moments of my life. "


Laura A., Beta Phi, Panhellenic Alternate

Major: Biology

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: Laura used to practice trapeze arts!


"I love being in Alpha Epsilon Phi because I get to be a part of a diverse sisterhood."



Sarah H.

Major: Business

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: Sarah loves Game of Thrones!

"I love Alpha Epsilon Phi because I have always been accepted for who I am in this sorority. There are many new relationships I built that I never expected, and I made multiple lifelong friendships with really incredible girls. If I hadn't joined AEPhi, I never would have had that feeling of truly belonging to something in my time here at Wayne State. Alpha Epsilon Phi was a great decision for me. "



Laura M., Beta Tau

Major: Gender Women and Sexuality

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: Laura is a Pokemon master!


"AEPHI has been the most welcoming place I've ever been to. These are the most loving caring sisters I've had besides my own. AEPhi brings out the best in me and they don't judge when I'm having an off day. These girls are my family."



Maria, Beta Tau

Major: Electrical Engineering

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact: Maria has been to 10 countries!

"AEPhi accepted me for exactly who I was, and has shaped me into even stronger of a woman. It's taught me the true value of friendship."

21150156_10214263119353815_2260090788317354505_n - Emily Rosberg.jpg

Emily R., Beta Upsilon

Major: Community Health Education

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: My favorite food is dessert!

"I joined AEPhi because I was looking for a community at WSU. What I got was beyond what I ever could have asked for. AEPhi has brought me my best friends, wild memories, and has been the most influential part of my college experience!"


Alexis, Beta Phi

Major: Nutrition

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: Alexis collects Troll dolls!

"AEPhi has so many strong women who deeply care about their sisters and trust one another. I truly am blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. "


Emily L., Beta Phi

Major: Mathematics

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact: Emily knows all the lyrics to "Baby" by Justin Bieber!

"I joined AEPhi to have a sense of purpose and to join an organization bigger than myself. Along with this, I also created friendships with tons of girls who will help me and love me no matter how many times we've talked. I am proud to be an AEPhi, and I am proud to be a part of a sisterhood that lifts me up every single day."


Kat, Beta Phi

Major: Secondary Education

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Phun Phact: Kat can ride a unicycle!

"I'm so glad I joined AEPhi because I've developed lifelong friendships with each of my sisters."


Kelly, Beta Phi

Major: Finance

Class Standing:  Junior

Phun Phact: Kelly enjoys binge-watching Netflix!

"Alpha Epsilon Phi is a place where I can be myself. This sorority has also encouraged me to grow via their academic, service, and leadership programs, and has shaped me into the best version of myself that I can be."


Lily R., Beta Phi

Major: Social Work

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Phun Phact: Lily loves Musical Theatre! 

"I'm glad I joined Aephi because I can feel the love and support radiating off of these ladies. The sisterhood is alive within each of our hearts and I've gotten a sisterhood that's more than I could ever ask for from Alpha Epsilon Phi. I've come to truly appreciate all that these ladies give me. Aephi is where I found not only my sisters, but my home."


Maddie T., Beta Phi

Major: Urban Studies

Class Standing:   Senior

Phun Phact: Maddie is in Civil Air Patrol!

"I love Alpha Epsilon Phi because my sisters are individually strong, empowered women, and together we empower each other!"

fullsizeoutput_139a - Alysa Khater.jpeg

Alysa Khater, Beta Chi

Major: Journalism

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact:  I can say the phrase "I don't know in 5 different languages"

I was a huge theatre junkie in high school. We considered ourselves to be a family and a lot of my theatre life reflects what AEPhi is. When I got to college, I was definitely looking for that same family sense. I wanted to go through recruitment my first semester and actually meet an AEPhi sister who gave me all the info I needed. It was something my mom and I discussed and she and I decided to wait until my second year to go through. I actually meet a bunch of greek lifers my second semester and realized this is what I wanted to do. When I went through formal recruitment, AEPhi had the same core values I was seeking. Strong sisterhood. This reflected my family atmosphere in theatre, and I truly fell in love with what we were founded on. Jewish women were not allowed to be in sororities back when we were founded. As a Muslim, and someone who was bullied a lot, that really spoke to me. If you can't be accepted by others for small differences, then create something that will accept you. That is one of the main reasons I love AEPhi and I'm already so proud of the experiences I've gained and the people I've meet through it. I can't wait for more of those experiences and to continue and build on the strong sisterhood that we already have. It was AEPhi from day one and I'm glad I found my home so early.

BD257985-61CF-491D-AA23-D8CD96E9CEE0 - Phalia Ukavwe.jpeg

Phalia Ukavwe, Beta Chi

Major: Psychology

Class Standing: Junior

Phun Phact:  Phalia use to draw self portraits

"To be apart of the sisterhood"

7248E9DD-B2CE-4FC2-AD05-9F92000F6D33 - Lizzie Casella.jpeg

Lizzie, Beta Chi

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Class Standing: Senior

Phun Phact:  I’ve ridden horses since I was 6 and I’m obsessed with makeup

"I joined AEPhi because the sisters made me feel like I was home. I loved the sense of sisterhood and opportunity that was offered. I wanted to find a group at wayne that would offer me best friends, as well as support and encouragement when needed and the possibility for growth."

7C163834-69D0-4DDD-84CC-113960C6E436 - Bailey Sorensen.jpeg

Bailey, Beta Chi

Major: Global Supply Chain /Arabic

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Phun Phact:  My wisdom teeth video accidentally went viral.


"I was encouraged to rush by my friend (who is now a Kappa Delta sister). She had been having so much fun being a part of a sorority and she had met some amazing friends and I wanted to experience the same kind of friendship."


Sam, Beta Phi

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: Sam is afraid of Bananas!

"I love AEPhi because this is where I feel most comfortable. The sisterhood is amazing and I feel that I can truly be myself around these girls. AEPhi means being there for sisters no matter what. It means that you will stop whatever you are doing to be a good friend and be a sister."

E2694925-891C-4404-A32D-F50675EF7841 - Lauren Moraco.jpeg

Lauren, Beta Chi


Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: I’ve studied abroad in Brazil

"I wanted to make more friends and get more involved on campus"


Faith, Beta Chi


Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: I love oil painting!

"I joined AEPhi for the two main reasons: sisterhood and service. It is amazing to see so many of my sisters join together for a common goal. When we do service we are not only help out a good cause but also growing as sisters!"

EB3D9F78-A1DC-4617-96F0-A767A989EB24 - Paige Stabler.jpeg

Paige, Beta Psi

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Class Standing: Sophomore

Phun Phact: I love the band ABBA

"My sisters have instilled confidence in me and have accepted me with open arms."